Transitioning from QSoE to Queen’s University

By: Haoran Liang

Haoran graduated from the EAP program in 2014 and is now in his second year of the Bachelor of Commerce program at Queen’s University. 

International students studying at an English based university face a lot of unique challenges including adapting to a new culture, language and environment. When I first came to Canada, I did not speak English often. I found it very challenging to build relationships with people in Canada due to my lack of English skills. However, Queen’s
School of English helped me improve my English. I am very thankful that I had the chance to go to QSoE. At QSoE, I learned English, attended social activities, enjoyed casual 12071438_506550072854863_731859484_nconversation with native English speakers and made a lot of new friends. My time QSoE played a significant role in helping me to overcome my culture shock, language barrier and other issues that I struggled with. Time has flown since I arrived in Canada in December 2013. I spent one year studying at QSoE and I am now starting my second year in the Bachelor of Commerce program at Queen’s University. My confidence in my academic and social abilities has increased dramatically since I arrived in Canada. I am very happy that many of my former instructors from QSoE have remained my mentors, and continue to teach me and guide me through my university life. Two years ago, I never thought that I would have the courage to speak out loud in group discussions, to give business presentations in front of people or to join university clubs. I can confidently say that I am totally adapted to Canada and the Queen’s community. I would not be having this much success in university if I did not have the experience of studying at QSoE.

Top 3 Reasons to Love Kingston

By: Roberta Santos Souza Dias

Kingston is a city in the South East of Ontario. The city is vibrant and has a lot of energy, outdoor life-style and a lively day and night spirit embraced by the university students. The city also has a lot of history and it is a military community. The city offers a variety of green spaces, great restaurants, open markets, nature trails and facilities that suit all ages. It is quite common to see people running, cycling and being active throughout the streets and parks.

What I love about Kingston:

  1. Green spaces

IMG_0709v2Along the Lake Ontario waterfront or one of the many bays you can easily find a quiet and relaxing spot to read your book, have a picnic, do some exercise or just appreciate the scenic view. The summer memories are endless in Kingston.

  1. Transportation

bike-laneTo get around Kingston you have many healthy options that are encouraged by the City: walking, cycling, or by public bus. The bike lanes are safe and lead you to scenic view along the waterfront and across the city. Kingston citizens are very respectful and polite. You will be amused to see how cycling is not about how old you are, but how you can be more active!

Queenʼs students have a free pass to the public bus system which makes student’s life quite easy and enjoyable. You will find a lot of other students that share the “journey” with you.

  1. Food and restaurants

10483856_762040697168337_47879128368790994_nThe City of Kingston has a fantastic culinary scene in downtown with a very large selection of great restaurants. Whether you want Italian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, BBQ, or a simple burger, Kingston has it all.

The Market Square located in downtown is home to an excellent Farmer’s Market during the spring and summer months. Here  you can buy fresh vegetables and fruits grown at the local farms, as well as delicious maple syrup and beautiful handmade crafts. In the winter, the Market Square becomes an outdoor skating rink among other activities year round.

Kingston is a safe and fantastic place to come to study and live, with a high quality of life and lots to do.