Why Should You Consider Studying English Abroad?

By: Pablo, student ambassador (Chile)

Hi! I guess you got to this page because you were looking to find more information about studying English at Queen´s School of English? Well, in this post I´m going to tell you how learning English as a second language worked for me.

opportunityAs you may know we are in a globalized world that offers many ways to communicate.  This broad scale communication gives us the chance to get more jobs and learn new stuff. It does not matter what your occupation is, it is always good to take advantage of an opportunity where you can learn and try new things. I don´t know how it works in your country, but at least here in Chile we are very influenced by North American culture, which means that it´s common to receive English documents. Once again, to learn English makes it easier

In my case as a music producer it has been especially helpful. Normally I read at least 10 documents written in English every day. Now I´m involved in 5 projects and every second counts. It is also helpful to have developed English skills including a smooth and polished accent to give you an advantage in terms of professional image.

Last but not least, the experience you have may be the most important lesson 20130618-IMG_5813when you study abroad. Every single day you learn something far beyond English. You can test yourself in a multi-cultural situation and get the chance to meet really nice people. What makes me really proud to have been a part Queen´s is that it made me grow not only as an English speaker, but also as a person, I really appreciated that.

Well, I hope to be clear in my thoughts, I think those are the main reasons why you should study English at a place like Queen´s SOE (School of English). I hope you become part of that really nice experience.