Summer 2017 Scholarship Winner Announced: Julie Ju from Korea

Written by Rachel O’Dell

Congratulations to Julie Ju from Seoul, Korea — winner of the Summer 2017 Marion Edith Dubin Memorial Scholarship in English. Julie wrote the winning essay on the topic How has studying English affected you, and how will it impact your future plans?

The Summer ’17 EAP Program marks Julie’s third session of the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Program at Queen’s School of English (QSoE). She is on leave from Ajou University in Korea after completing her third year there.

Julie is the only student currently at QSoE from her university. She learned of QSoE from a friend who Julieattended some time ago, and recommended the experience. According to Julie, in Korea children are taught to listen and read in English, but writing and speaking are not taught. As an English major, Julie wanted to come to QSoE to focus on improving her English speaking skills. I’d say she has achieved her goal; her English during our interview was excellent!

Although Julie has not traveled much and has plans to live and work in her home city of Seoul after her studies are complete, experiencing a new place was another motivating factor for her coming to QSoE. She finds the people in Kingston to be very friendly, and admires the clean environment of the city. Compared to the Korean cuisine she’s known her whole life, Canadian food is very different for Julie, but she likes it! She is grateful to her Homestay hosts for their tremendous support in her speedy adjustment to Canadian culture.

Julie has taken advantage of Kingston’s central location; she has traveled to Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto and Quebec City so far, and has plans for New York City with friends during break week this summer! I asked her where in our large country she would still like to visit, and she replied that she had heard that Vancouver is beautiful and has lovely weather during summertime.

After the Summer EAP Program at QSoE, Julie will return to Ajou Unviersity to complete her undergraduate degree in English. After graduating, Julie would like to work in Seoul where she can put her excellent English language skills to use.



Fall ’16 Marion Edith Dubin Memorial Scholarship in English Recipient

Queen’s School of English (QSoE) announced that Daniel Carvalho (Brazil) is the recipient of the Fall 2016 Marion Edith Dubin Memorial Scholarship in English!


Daniel is entering his third session in the QSoE English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Program, though his hometown is Porto Alegre, in the south of Brazil. He has a PhD in Geology, and has worked for South African and Canadian mining companies in Brazil. In Brazil, Daniel has his own company for which he designed a specialized product that is used on mining and potential mining sites. This large, tray-like product is specially designed to hold and display physical geological samples taken from potential mining sites, and is used in conjunction with other tools to evaluate natural resources underground.

Because of the international nature of his field of work, Daniel has come to QSoE to improve his English language skills, to learn about Canadian culture, and to connect with people in Canada who are also involved in the mining industry. Since being at Queen’s University, Daniel has discovered an inspiration to pursue studies in business for the mining, oil, and gas industries.

When asked what he has enjoyed about QSoE, Daniel mentioned that the format of the classes at QSoE is different than what he experienced during his studies in Brazil – a refreshing and engaging change. He says that the EAP Program at QSoE has allowed him to learn about the culture in Canada, and “how people here think,” which is very valuable to him.


Marion Edith Dubin Scholarship in English Winner: Akiho Yatsuda!

Akiho Yatsuda is the Summer 2016 winner of the Marion Edith Dubin Scholarship in English! Akiho, from Chikushi Jogakuen University in Dazaifu City, Fukuoka, Japan, is currently in the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program at the Queen’s School of English. She arrived last Fall, and will be finishing the program in August of this year. We had a chance to sit down with her recently to talk about her experience here:

What were her first impressions of Canada? She recounts her first glimpses of Toronto from the airplane, and compared her view of Toronto to the large cities in Japan. “I’d heard Toronto was a big city, but I didn’t think it was!”

What does she like about Kingston? “I really like Kingston because there is a lot of nature. There are lots of trees, a lake and lots of green space.”

“Kingstonians are also very kind,” she says. She recounts many instances of being lost and fellow Kingstonians helping her with directions.

What experience has she enjoyed the most since she has been here? Her best experiences so far have been ice skating behind City Hall in the winter, and also watching the Kingston Frontenacs hockey team play at the K-Rock Centre. “It was my first time seeing a hockey game. The players were all hitting each other, but it was very exciting!”

She enjoyed her recent winter term when she became friends with classmates who were from all over the world — Brazil, Quebec, Saudi Arabia, China and Libia. “Each person had different opinions, and they all were very motivated to study English.”

Akiho received the highest mark in her class. How did she do it? “The secret is to sit as close to the teacher as possible. If I sit near the teacher I get more opportunities to speak.”

What does she like about the Queen’s School of English? “The teachers in the School of English are really great. They teach very academic English and they have lots of experience. They also give you lots of one-on-one attention.”

What advice does she have to give to students? “Do your best every day. Don’t be lazy. Try to keep doing something every day/month. Always think about your motivation for coming here. I think about my parents and the opportunity they gave me to study here.”

What career goals does she have? Akiho has one more year to complete at university, but would like to work in Japan in communications and perhaps with international students. “I would like to help people using English.”

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Studying at Queen’s University under the Science Without Borders Scholarship

By: Priscila Yokoya

My name is Priscila and I’m an exchange student from São Paulo, Brazil, with a federal scholarship program called Science without Borders or, in Portuguese, Ciência sem Fronteiras. Now, I’m attending courses in the Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Department (3rd year), but in Winter 2014 I had the amazing opportunity of learning English at Queen’s School of English (QSoE).

I was enrolled in the English 2014-01-28 12.31.44for Academic Purposes program and I had the chance to get to know people from different countries, consequently with different cultures, and at the same time improve my grammar, vocabulary, listening and speaking. More than that, we were encouraged to work on papers related to your field of study, to make us more comfortable researching, reading and understanding them.

My session at QSoE was really special because not only my English got better but also I made many friends and had great teachers to guide me and to encourage me to study hard.

Although I am really enjoying my experience here in Canada and my courses at Chemical Engineering at Queen’s University, I have to say that I miss QSoE!

Hope you guys enjoy your studies and have a lot of fun at QSoE!

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