Studying at Queen’s University under the Science Without Borders Scholarship

By: Priscila Yokoya

My name is Priscila and I’m an exchange student from São Paulo, Brazil, with a federal scholarship program called Science without Borders or, in Portuguese, Ciência sem Fronteiras. Now, I’m attending courses in the Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Department (3rd year), but in Winter 2014 I had the amazing opportunity of learning English at Queen’s School of English (QSoE).

I was enrolled in the English 2014-01-28 12.31.44for Academic Purposes program and I had the chance to get to know people from different countries, consequently with different cultures, and at the same time improve my grammar, vocabulary, listening and speaking. More than that, we were encouraged to work on papers related to your field of study, to make us more comfortable researching, reading and understanding them.

My session at QSoE was really special because not only my English got better but also I made many friends and had great teachers to guide me and to encourage me to study hard.

Although I am really enjoying my experience here in Canada and my courses at Chemical Engineering at Queen’s University, I have to say that I miss QSoE!

Hope you guys enjoy your studies and have a lot of fun at QSoE!

2014-04-18 16.31.42 HDR