Social Events at QSoE

Hello QSoE friends! My name is Younshil and I am from South Korea. I studied at QSoE during EAP Fall 2013 and Winter 2014. I am also one of the QSoE Student Ambassadors. I was thinking of what I should write for the QSoE blog and, finally, I decided to write about the social events at QSoE. Social events are a really good opportunity to make friends and have fun. I’m going to write about the social events that I went to.

PotluckFirst, let me talk about ‘potluck party’. Probably, you will go or already went to a potluck party at least once in Canada. Potluck party is common in Canadian and American cultures. You can bring your food and enjoy a meal with friends! It doesn’t matter that you are not good at cooking, just do your best. My first potluck party was at the Queen’s University International Centre (QUIC) and many QSoE friends brought their country’s food like Okonomiyaki, Japanese food. I brought Kimchi fried rice and it was not so bad. It was a really good time to have food from many countries and to understand their food culture. After that time, I went to many more potluck parties. I’m pretty sure you will enjoy potluck parties as well!

HalloweenHalloween is also a popular cultural tradition in Canada. Actually, before I arrived in Canada, I heard that Halloween is a really big event in America and many people wear special costumes; however, it was more fantastic than I thought! If you will be in Kingston on October 31, you can enjoy Halloween. Last year’s QSoE Halloween party was also at the QUIC and students wore many kinds of costumes. It was amazing and exciting! I was Minnie mouse, but there were many people dressed as witches and cats, a pumpkin and a ghost; so many characters! We picked awards for the best dressed and the most creative dresser. I hope you will enjoy a Halloween party if you have a chance!

QSoE GraduationFinally, Graduation party is, actually, just a ceremony, but we call it a party because it’s really exciting. It may be the last time to be with your friends in Kingston so some students cry. You don’t have to wear formal dress, but usually students try to wear semi-formal dress to mark this special occasion. Everyone at the graduation celebration looks so beautiful and we take many pictures, maybe more pictures than during the entire session. Don’t miss this last time with your friends and enjoy it!

I hope that you will enjoy Kingston and Queen’s, and thank you for reading.