How to Overcome Culture Shock

By Richards Dickinsins

RichardFor some people it is difficult to live abroad because it’s hard for them to adapt to the differences between their hometown and the new environment. A clear fact of this problem is when we start to feel sad and unhappy with everything in the new country. At first we have to learn so many new things such as the language and culture. Living abroad is a challenge for many people because it is not easy to live far away from your family and friends, especially when it is your first time. Usually when you are in this situation you don’t realize it. You find everything hard and always want to give up.

A common result of this situation is “depression,” which is when you feel often tired, stressed, not hungry, without energy to do activities and always want to be alone.

Good advice to challenge this is being social and interacting with people; sharing your feelings and keeping your mind busy doing exercise and getting along with friends.

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