Class Designs English-Only T-shirts!

DSC_0962Here at the School of English in the Faculty of Education at Queen’s you may notice some students wearing t-shirts that read “English-Only Zone!” There is a competition taking place for  Best English-Only Class, and the students in one class got very inspired!

“As a class, we wanted to come up with an idea to promote the English Only Policy,” says Queen’s School of English teacher Rasha Fahim. “I told them this was a competition between the Q-Bridge classes and that is when they started to get motivated!  We brainstormed ideas on what to write on the t-shirts, and when it came to actually printing them it was better to have a sign like the one we chose.

“We also decided that every Friday we will come up with something as a class to promote this even more for the following week.”

We look forward to hearing what else they come up with. Great job students!



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