Marion Edith Dubin Scholarship in English

Awarded for the first time to two recipients on January 12, 2016.

Queen’s School of English (QSoE) recently announced the winners of the winter 2016 Marion Edith Dubin Scholarship in English. This award was established in memory of Marion Edith Dubin and awarded to students who might not otherwise have the opportunity to study at Queen’s School of English. The evaluation criterion for the award is based on an essay written by each of the applicants. Typically, the scholarship will be awarded to one recipient per session. However, we had two recipients of the scholarship this session. Junjie Jin and Sojeong Kim were each awarded $850 at the All School Meeting on January 15, 2016.

junjie​Junjie Jin is an Environmental Engineering student from Nantong, Jiangsu, China. Junjie is on exchange in Canada from Tongji University. Before beginning his two year exchange program in the department of Applied Science and Engineering at Queen’s University, Junjie is completing the English for Academic Purposes QBridge Program at QSoE. Junjie selected Queen’s University as his exchange destination because of the reputation of the teaching staff and the university as a whole. Once he completes his undergraduate degree at Queen’s, Junjie might like to stay in Canada for his Master’s degree.

Junjie began his English language studies at QSoE in September 2015. During the fall session at QSoE, his teacher told him about the Marion Edith Dubin Scholarship in English. As a scholarship applicant, Junjie was required to share with QSoE why studying English is important for his future: “Studying English is important because it is a language that is used worldwide. Learning English will allow me to communicate with experts in my field from all over the world.”

Junjie is grateful to have the opportunity to study at QSoE. “My favourite thing about studying at Queen’s School of English is the experienced teaching staff. They are very kind and patient,” Junjie said. As his time at QSoE nears the end, Junjie says he is both nervous and excited to start his undergraduate degree at Queen’s University.

sojeong​Sojeong Kim is a fourth year Materials Engineering student from Jeonbuk University in South Korea. Although she is studying Engineering, Sojeong would like to be a flight attendant after she graduates. “Studying English is important for my future because I want to be a flight attendant for the Arab Emirate Airline, and they require English,” Sojeong said.

Sojeong chose to learn English in Canada because of the kind people and the immersion in the English language.  When selecting an English program, Sojeong knew she wanted to attend a school with a diverse student body. She has been very happy with her QSoE experience so far. “Although I like everything about QSoE, my favourite thing is the English only rule,” Sojeong said.

Sojeong learned about the Marion Edith Dubin Scholarship in English from her teacher last session. She applied to the scholarship with the hopes of being able to help her parents finance her English language studies. She is very grateful to have received the scholarship.

Click here to learn more about the Marion Edith Dubin Scholarship in English.



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