QSoE Students Visit Central Public School

Students in our Canadian English Experience (CEE) Program visited the Central Public School to share their international experiences with the young students in Kingston. We thank the Central Public School for helping our students to get more involved with the local community. It was an exciting opportunity for our students to teach about their cultures and to learn about the Canadian culture. Below are some photos and stories from a few students:

cee blog

cee blog 2





Saki and Kosuke

We spent a very happy time with Central Public School, Grade 5/6 students, Christopher and Huw.  They listened and answered my poor English and I was glad.  They have their own ideas, beliefs, and opinions about themselves and others which I admired very much.  We wish their dreams will come true one day!

Riona and Erina

We interviewed Claire and Hannah last week. We enjoyed talking to them. And they told us a lot of things such as their future dreams, favourite sports, favourite subjects, and about Kingston. They recommended places to eat, watch movies, etc. while in Kingston.  It was a great time for us. We hope they are interested in Japan and will come to visit us one day.



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