Socio-Cultural Fun with Sarah

Hello QSoE! My name is Sarah and I am a 3rd year Queen’s University Bachelor of Commerce student. I work at Queen’s School of English (QSoE) as a socio-cultural monitor. In my position as a socio-cultural monitor I lead activities for students, accompany groups on trips and facilitate discussion classes. I love being a socio-cultural monitor for many reasons:

1Socio-cultural activities are so much fun to lead. They provide me with an opportunity to build friendships with the QSoE students. Students also benefit from socio-cultural activities because they can practice their English, meet Queen’s students and learn new Canadian games and activities.

10421431_747471278625279_8651047625812489446_nI enjoy accompanying QSoE students on weekend trips. Each group of students makes every trip exciting for me. Our students often visit Toronto, Niagara Falls, Ottawa and Montreal while they are studying with us. We go on many adventures during our trips, such as the Maid of the Mist and the CN Tower.

3Leading discussion classes is also a great experience. I always become good friends with many of the students in my discussion classes. Discussion classes provide students with an opportunity to have guided English conversations in a relaxed setting.

Learn more about our socio-cultural program and check out our activities calendar:



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