International Students Raise Funds for a Local Charity

Every session our student government leads a candygram fundraiser. Our student government is made up of a group of volunteers; typically there is one representative from each class. Not only is it nice to send a candygram to classmates, staff and teachers, but all of the money that is raised is donated to a local charity. The local charity is selected by the student representative of the class that raises the most money.

This summer our students raised a total of $370.00 Canadian dollars. The largest contribution came from class ESLA150 GL of our English for Academic Purposes Program. At our graduation ceremony the student representative from class GL, Tomo, gave a speech about the organization the money was donated to, Mothers Helping Mothers:


Our Candygram fundraiser was successful yet again raising $370.00.  The class that sold the most was class GL and they have chosen to donate the money raised to an organization called Mothers Helping Mothers. 

This not-for-profit organization has been providing basic necessities such as clothing and baby items free of charge to families in need. All items are donated or purchased through grant funding or private contributions such as ours. Additionally, they offer emotional support and referrals to other agencies in the surrounding area.

For over twenty years, Mothers Helping Mothers has been run by volunteers and has helped over 6,000 families yearly, which represents almost 10,000 children, and the need continues to grow. They exist because of the generosity within the community, which now includes you.  Thank you to everyone for your donations and always remember that anything you do or give really does make a difference.



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