How to Prepare for Winter

By: Richards from Panama

The winter is coming soon and for some people it can be traumatic and long, but it may also be the most enjoyable and amusing season of the year. If  this winter will be your first cold experience it is important you know the following:

  • Before going out always check the weather
    It is important to check the weather forecast every morning before you leave home so you know what clothes are appropriate for the conditions.
  • Dress according to the conditions
    The weather can change quickly so be sure to dress yourself accordingly.
  • Wear winter clothes
    For the winter you will need different clothes that can protect you such as winter boots,  toque, gloves or mitts, scarf and a coat that can keep you warm.

20130208-IMG_3357(pp_w887_h591)As long as you keep these tips in mind you will be ready to go out every day and enjoy the winter!

During the winter you can play a variety of sports such as hockey, skiing and snowboarding. If you are interested in others sports you can also participate in indoor sports such as soccer, basketball volleyball and badminton. Queen’s also has a variety of clubs you can join if you do not want to face the cold winter! If you find the winter alarming the last advice I have for you, a favourite for Canadians, is just stay home and enjoy a hot chocolate or coffee from Tim Hortons.



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