How Student Ambassadors help with student recruitment

QSoE representatives travel abroad a few times per year to recruit students, to meet with current partners, and to build new partnerships. At QSoE we offer a variety of programs that meet the interests of a wide range of students: individual students, university groups, or even corporate clients. As we travel we rely on our partners for support and guidance. Some of the biggest helpers are often our own students!

BXXyg6EIgAAZK9VDuring this fall, Nadya Maskurova, our Marketing and Communications Coordinator, travelled to China, South Korea and Brazil, where she met with our current education agents, university partners, and student ambassadors. Student ambassadors are former students who volunteer to assist QSoE in increasing the awareness of the high quality English language programs that we offer. How do our students do this?

1. The ambassadors support us during student fairs, where they help with translations and share their personal experiences with the local students.

2. They connect us with educational institutions in their cities. Often acting as ambassadors for both institutions, they help to build the necessary level of trust prior to the partnership between the institutions.

3. Ambassadors are also an incredibly great help when it comes to communicating or meeting with prospective students abroad.

970540_617290471643361_463702949_nMeet our student ambassadors and get to know their personal stories and experiences of studying in Canada and learning English!

As we travel abroad, we hope to continue to raise the awareness of the programs available at Queen’s and to allow international students to achieve their full potential through gaining the necessary English language skills. View our newest program offering:


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