Traveling to QSoE

Since we know that traveling can be stressful, we have put together some tips to help with your travels to QSoE

YuairportBefore you arrive:

Pack accordingly! What you pack will depend on how many sessions you study at QSoE, because Kingston’s climate varies throughout the year. Please refer to our Weather in Kingston page for more information.

Here are some suggestions of items of clothing to bring by season:

Fall (September- December):
-Light jacket for the beginning and warm wool or down-filled coat towards the end
-A comfortable pair of shoes and boots
-Light gloves, scarf, hat

Winter (January-April):
-Warm winter coat and boots
-Hat, scarf, gloves
-Ice skates! (You can also rent these in Kingston)

Summer (May-August):
-Shorts, t-shirts, and swimming suit
-The beginning of the session can sometimes be cool so you should bring a light jacket
-Sandals, comfortable walking shoes
-Sunglasses and sunhat

Note: you can purchase everything you need here in Kingston.

When you arrive:

Items such as toiletries and school supplies can all be purchased in Kingston. Shoppers Drugmart is a popular pharmacy, located within walking distance of Queen’s University. There is also Drugsmart pharmacy on campus in the Queen’s Centre. Yuairport2

If you are living in residence and cooking your own food, groceries can be bought in the many supermarkets in and around campus. The Grocery Check-Out is located in the Queen’s Centre, but there is also a Metro grocery store a 5 minute walk from campus, and Food Basics approximately 20 minutes away.

Depending on how many sessions you are studying you may want to have a Canadian cell-phone. Many phone companies provide monthly or pay-as-you-go services without having to sign into a contract. The most popular companies are Rogers, Bell or Telus. These stores are located along the downtown Princess Street, walking distance from campus.

After you are here

If you are interested in travelling around Canada (to Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and etc.), especially to nearby major cities, Megabus and Coach Canada offer discounted bus services. You can also travel by train with VIArail. Often these services have student discounts, and with Megabus, the earlier you purchase your ticket, the cheaper it is!

You can travel within Kingston by city bus (free with your Queen’s Student card) or by taxi.

We hope these tips have eased your travel worries! Do you have any travel tips of your own? Share them with us by commenting below!



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