EAP Testimonials from our Blog Club

Our Summer 2013 EAP Session has come to an end! Below, some of the members of our Blog Club reflecting on their experience studying at QSoE:

By: Chihiro from Japan

Chihiro final pictureI have studied at QSoE in Kingston for about four months since April. I have never spent this long in a foreign country ever, so I was worried about whether I could study and spend time away from my country because of differences of both languages and cultures. However, my life here was completely at ease. The reason I chose QSoE is just one; I was very interested in the program called English for Academic Purposes (EAP). This program is for people who wish to develop their academic English skills and enables them to improve all language skills such as reading, writing, listening and speaking. Of course, I had a strong wish to improve my English skills, especially language abilities, for I wanted to learn English for the purpose of English improvement, so this program was suited for me. Also, QSoE has an “English only rule”, which means that we must not use other languages except English as long as we live in Kingston. I hesitated to speak English at first because I thought my speaking skills were not good. Now, however, I can speak English more than before. I learned that it was important to have a wish to talk English actively even though I may not speak fluently. I attributed my change of feeling to the English only rule. My achievement is due to not only the “English only rule” but also to the help and advice from my teachers and my classmates. I have never regretted having chosen QSoE as a place for studying English!

By: Michael from Taiwan
Michael Final PictureI’m an ESL student in School of English of Queen’s University in Canada. In QSoE, I met many students from different countries and I’ve learned different cultures from them. Also I can practice understanding different accents here. Because of the good impression that I had fifteen years ago when I visited Canada, I decided to come back here to learn English. You can learn reading, writing, listening and speaking in QSoE. Teachers are really helpful, patient and professional. Beside studying, there are a lot of activities that can help you to understand Canada’s culture and be part of them. I set a goal for myself before I came here, I wished that I could talk with other people in English. Now I can talk with people in English although it may not perfect. I found out that I did improve my English within these 7 months that I have been here studying. I really enjoyed my life here!

By: Richard from Panama

Richard final pictureI have been part of this amazing program since January 2013 and it’s difficult for me to express all I have done and experienced. I still remember my first day of class during winter, everything was new for me. I met such nice people who came from different cultures and countries. People always treated me well and that helped me to feel much more comfortable. Interacting with my teachers and sharing beautiful moments with my classmates and friends always will be something special that I’m going to keep in my memory. Also something that I will never forget will be the socio-cultural activities that I have joined after classes, which really helped me to improve my English skills. Classes always were a challenge for me; sometimes it was a bit difficult for me to follow the sequence and order of it.  However, I’m proud of myself and I will be always grateful for being part of this unbelievable program!



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