Things to do While Living in Kingston

There are many exciting things to do while living in Kingston, ON. Whether you prefer going out for dinner with friends, watching live bands perform or shopping at the unique stores downtown, there is something for everyone!

Read about where some of our students enjoy visiting:

The Grizzly Grill by Richards 

ImageA famous grill restaurant located at the heart of downtown across from the Metro grocery store. It is an amazing place where you can get along with your friends while eating breakfast, lunch or dinner. It has two unique dining areas so you can choose where you would like to eat – downstairs or upstairs. There have different kinds of delicious food with very affordable prices. Also, if you are a fanatic of pool (billiards) you will be able to play and don’t worry about the price because it costs 5$ per hour during the day and 10$ during the night.

The Mansion by Chihiro 

ImageIf you want to know a place you can enjoy in Kingston, you should go to this place: The Mansion! In here, you can buy food and drinks and you can also listen to some playing of bands. When I went there, I watched some bands playing live, it was so exciting! If you are interested in music, you should go to the Mansion!

Mio Yogi by Akiho 

Summer is here so I want to recommend Mio yogi in Downtown Kingston. 
This is an ice cream store!
This ice-cream has refreshing flavors, to match the hot summer!
Also, you can decide the amount of toppings to add!
Be careful taking too much!

Lonestar by Ryoko

Do you like to eat steak? If you like it, you must try this restaurant! The name is ‘Lonestar.’ It is located near the harbor in downtown Kingston. It has good taste, good quantity and reasonable steak. You can share with your friends! Also, you can eat Mexican food. I love their tortilla chips!


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