Restaurants in Kingston

One of our former students, Nina, recommends some of the many great restaurants that Kingston has to offer.

Making a unique tale

From Nina:

Speaking of restaurants, I’d like to recommend Sima Kitchen and Green Tray.
In Sima Kitchen, you can have sushi and ramen, both of them are so delicious and fresh. Sima and Sima Kitchen are the same owner, in Sima they basically sell sushi and in Sima Kitchen they sell not only sushi but also some Korean cuisine. The ramen soup tastes so good. And bento contains different kinds of traditional Japan and Korean dishes, so you can taste two countries food at the same time.
and in Green Tray, it’s Taiwanese restaurant, there’s a tapioca tea and fried chicken which are typical Taiwanese food. In Taiwan, people like to eat fried chicken with tapioca tea in afternoon. Most of people like the taste of tapioca (we called bubble in Taiwan because of its shape.) and the flavor of milk tea. The taste of fried chicken usually a little…

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