Welcome to our blog

by Ms. Elaine Armstrong, Director

The sun is shining in Kingston!  After a long winter we are always happy to see the arrival of spring. In spring, the grass is greener and the air seems fresher.  At Queen’s School of English we love the spring because it means the start of another new term. Our spring and summer term is one of the most exciting for us.  We have lots of different programs running over the next four months. Between May and August we will welcome over two hundred students from fourteen different countries to Queen’s campus and the Kingston community.

Spring growth

This week the teachers meet to plan their classes and prepare for the upcoming term. They will be welcoming new colleagues to their team and they are always excited to meet their new students.

The monitors will be busy attending workshops and planning out a schedule of fun socio-cultural activities. All of our monitors are full-time Queen’s students during the fall and winter. In the summer, they look forward to a break from their own studies, and to helping QSoE students have lots of fun while practicing their English and learning about Queen’s and Kingston.

The administrative staff will be busy in the office organizing the start-up and running of five or six different programs and making sure that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.

No wonder we all love spring and summer. Queen’s School of English is a busy, exciting and fun place to learn English, make new friends, and experience Canadian culture.

We are starting a new QSoE Blog and I hope you will participate. Read blog posts and make a comment, share our blog posts with others, or even better… write a blog post for us! We would love to hear how your summer is going.



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