Studying at Queen’s University under the Science Without Borders Scholarship

By: Priscila Yokoya

My name is Priscila and I’m an exchange student from São Paulo, Brazil, with a federal scholarship program called Science without Borders or, in Portuguese, Ciência sem Fronteiras. Now, I’m attending courses in the Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Department (3rd year), but in Winter 2014 I had the amazing opportunity of learning English at Queen’s School of English (QSoE).

I was enrolled in the English 2014-01-28 12.31.44for Academic Purposes program and I had the chance to get to know people from different countries, consequently with different cultures, and at the same time improve my grammar, vocabulary, listening and speaking. More than that, we were encouraged to work on papers related to your field of study, to make us more comfortable researching, reading and understanding them.

My session at QSoE was really special because not only my English got better but also I made many friends and had great teachers to guide me and to encourage me to study hard.

Although I am really enjoying my experience here in Canada and my courses at Chemical Engineering at Queen’s University, I have to say that I miss QSoE!

Hope you guys enjoy your studies and have a lot of fun at QSoE!

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Socio-Cultural Fun with Sarah

Hello QSoE! My name is Sarah and I am a 3rd year Queen’s University Bachelor of Commerce student. I work at Queen’s School of English (QSoE) as a socio-cultural monitor. In my position as a socio-cultural monitor I lead activities for students, accompany groups on trips and facilitate discussion classes. I love being a socio-cultural monitor for many reasons:

1Socio-cultural activities are so much fun to lead. They provide me with an opportunity to build friendships with the QSoE students. Students also benefit from socio-cultural activities because they can practice their English, meet Queen’s students and learn new Canadian games and activities.

10421431_747471278625279_8651047625812489446_nI enjoy accompanying QSoE students on weekend trips. Each group of students makes every trip exciting for me. Our students often visit Toronto, Niagara Falls, Ottawa and Montreal while they are studying with us. We go on many adventures during our trips, such as the Maid of the Mist and the CN Tower.

3Leading discussion classes is also a great experience. I always become good friends with many of the students in my discussion classes. Discussion classes provide students with an opportunity to have guided English conversations in a relaxed setting.

Learn more about our socio-cultural program and check out our activities calendar:

International Students Raise Funds for a Local Charity

Every session our student government leads a candygram fundraiser. Our student government is made up of a group of volunteers; typically there is one representative from each class. Not only is it nice to send a candygram to classmates, staff and teachers, but all of the money that is raised is donated to a local charity. The local charity is selected by the student representative of the class that raises the most money.

This summer our students raised a total of $370.00 Canadian dollars. The largest contribution came from class ESLA150 GL of our English for Academic Purposes Program. At our graduation ceremony the student representative from class GL, Tomo, gave a speech about the organization the money was donated to, Mothers Helping Mothers:


Our Candygram fundraiser was successful yet again raising $370.00.  The class that sold the most was class GL and they have chosen to donate the money raised to an organization called Mothers Helping Mothers. 

This not-for-profit organization has been providing basic necessities such as clothing and baby items free of charge to families in need. All items are donated or purchased through grant funding or private contributions such as ours. Additionally, they offer emotional support and referrals to other agencies in the surrounding area.

For over twenty years, Mothers Helping Mothers has been run by volunteers and has helped over 6,000 families yearly, which represents almost 10,000 children, and the need continues to grow. They exist because of the generosity within the community, which now includes you.  Thank you to everyone for your donations and always remember that anything you do or give really does make a difference.

Graduation Speech – EAP Summer 2014

Speech by Haoran Liang, Valedictorian for the 2014 Summer Session of the EAP Program:

Good afternoon, Ms. McAlpine, teachers, staff, students, homestay families and guests!

It is a great honor to have this precious opportunity to speak in front of you. On this special occasion, first I would like to take a moment on behalf of myself and my fellow students to express my deep gratitude to all of our teachers who have contributed to improving our knowledge of English. Also, we need to say thank you to QSoE staff, who have made a great effort ensuring that all activities are well designed and that Canada becomes a home away from home for all of us. We want to thank the socio-cultural monitors as well. I have to say that I really enjoyed those awesome activities and trips during these 12 weeks.

Graduation Ceremony, August 7, 2014

Two days ago, my classmate Nako told us that she doesn’t want to go back to Japan because she enjoyed studying English at QSoE, and she thinks that 12 weeks is not enough. I agree with her, and it is amazing that I have studied in this program for almost one year, but I continue to feel that I am still learning new things every day. I appreciate the intensive study environment. Moreover, I have very competitive classmates who help me to maintain my passion and motivation to learn English.

English is not the only thing I have improved while I studying here. I expanded my friendship network; I met you, smart, creative, and enthusiastic students. I became very active and through joining the school activities I got the chance to discover Canadian culture and the Kingston community. I learned to work as a team, and it helps me to understand other cultures. I enjoyed discussing and cooperating with my classmates. I also started to think critically when when doing research.

We are an international community. We are here because we have the same dream – to learn English, but also to learn how to live independently. Even though, today, we will be going in different directions, but remember, today is a new start with new opportunities. You are going back to your countries with the knowledge you have learned here. No matter what your dream is for the future, Queen’s spirit can always carry you to get there. No matter what path you choose to make your dream come true, you will be the best that you can be. And remember, don’t stop, you must keep moving.

Congratulations, EAP Summer 2014!

Haoran will be continuing his studies in Bachelor of Commerce at Queen’s School of Business.

Living in Residence

Written by Luis Villa Abascal

I would like to give an advice to every student looking to have a great time, learn, and practice English in the best possible way, which is to “live in residence”. The two sessions that I spent at Queen’s School of English wouldn’t be as amazing as they were if I hadn´t lived in the university residence. For me this is what it is all about: the experience of living with Canadian students, the experience of practicing English skills, and learning from the Canadian students all the time while. The whole point of coming to Canada to learn English is to interact with English speakers, and there is nothing better than to do it with people of your age. I´ve made lots of Canadian friend who made this year what it was. For me the most important thing about coming here is to make Canadian friends, which was possible by living in the university residence.

To learn more about living in residence please visit our website.